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The Surroundings, the medieval village of Montecatini Val di Cecina
Montecatini V.C. Volterra The Wine Road of the Etruscan Coast The Etruscan Coast

A powerful tower commands Montecatini Val di Cecina and the surrounding lands. It was the ancient dwelling the Belforti. The village at its bottom has the typical features of a Medieval centre built around the politic and religious palaces: praetorian palace with its fine portico, and the S. Biagio church of the XIV c. The hilly landscape that goes around Montecatini offers wonderful views, with woods plenty of game and really fascinating urban settlements.

Among these, there is the Castle of Querceto, surrounded by charming woods. It shows the peculiar features of a Medieval villages set round the parish church of S. John. The village of La Sassa, set on a hill that commands the whole landscape, has kept its ancient gathered structure round the tower and church of St. Matthew.


Finally, worth of interest are the settlements of Casaglia, Gello, Buriano, Miemo and the ancient copper mines located close to the village of Montecatini.


The entire Upper Cecina Valley abounds in underground resources such as halite, copper, alabaster and geothermic fluids which have been utilized since antiquity.

The Mine Museum, housed in the 14th century Palazzo Pretorio in Montecatini Val di Cecina documents the vast range of resources, sites and activities located in the Upper Cecina Valley.

The detailed documentation displayed in the museum is enriched by a visit to the Caporciano Mine (once the richest copper mine in Europe), including the administrative and technical offices at the entrance to the mine, the Alfredo Shaft and the Muraglione Dam.


The museum not only offers historical information about the Carporciano Mine from 1827 to 1907 but also displays a comprehensive and thematic account of the wide range of underground resources utilized since antiquity, other 19th century coppermines that left their mark on remote areas, the story of the salt works from antiquity to the present day, the alabaster craft, the geothermal basin and usage of the endogenous fluids, the exquisite workmanship of the chalcedony mosaics, the lignite mine, the sulphurous springs and a splendid collection of multifarious minerals.

The Caporciano Mine houses a rich archive of administrative books (pay rolls, work schedules, registers and correspondence) technical plans (of the mines, galleries, machinery and equipment) enriched by specific publications on the range of underground resources in the area.

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